Monday, September 21, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore Heroes Showcase

It's picture time on DTP, and today we're taking a look at some Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) models. I've mentioned in previous articles that I've been painting again, and that I've been enjoying painting up chibi models from SDE. I set-up the light box and grabbed some pictures of most of the models I've painted. These have been previously posted to the Soda Pop forums as well, so anyone who looks there will have seen these.

Those who have followed DTP for any amount of time, or have a keen eye on recent pictures, will notice a difference in my backdrop for these pictures. On looking over some of the photos I've taken my wife recommended a change for the SDE models. She felt that a black backdrop (opposed to blue) would allow the colors on these models to pop more than the blue background. Overall I've been happy with the results, although the camera can be a bit finicky. I'm still setting up my point and shoot camera on auto for these pictures, and it sometimes decides the black backdrop means it should be a nighttime picture. Apparently there were too many dark colors between the black backdrop and the brown colors on the dwarves, and that's what happened here.

Having now started with the heroes, let's continue on to look at the other heroes I've painted up.

This gives us 13 choices of painted heroes we can play during our SDE games. I'm continuing to add more as I move along, having already painted up the models both my daughter and wife liked most. I'll come back with another post later that shows the monsters and Mini-bosses I have painted.
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