Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Snapshots and updates

It's been a really strong 9 week run to date with two posts a day. I'm certainly back in the swing of blogging but I've started to run close to my backlog of scheduled posts. I foresee some point in the next couple weeks where the content here will drop down to the originally planned single post per week. This could happen as soon as next week, depending on how this week goes.

That said, I'm still moving along with a second post this week. I wanted to share some of the additional model's I've painted up since the last post. I'm spending my time currently split between painting Guild Ball and painting Super Dungeon Explore.

Guild Ball

On the Guild Ball front, to date I've completed painting up all my Brewers, Masons, and Union models. That is to say all my Union models minus one, Mynx, who's making her way onto my painting table this week. I've already posted pictures of my Union and Masons with the team reviews, which savvy readers will have picked out. I just completed my Brewers and will be sharing the individual model pictures with readers when I do the team review for them. I expect that will be in a couple weeks once I've had a chance to play a half-dozen games and feel comfortable with them. For the time being, here's a team shot to show off:

Super Dungeon Explore

On the SDE front I've been powering through new models at a much higher pace. I'm working on getting my Von Drakk set painted up so I have all the models I need for a Haloween game we'll be playing at our party. I have a fair bit to go but have been doing ok on progress.

First I worked on finishing up my set of dragons from the 1st edition starter set.

Following that I knocked out another couple heroes before setting in on my Von Drakk baddies:

The Von Drakk stuff has been coming along steadily, although I still have the big set's of multiple models do paint up (skeletons, armored skeletons, skull bats).

I broke out some time during my elite minion painting to knock out a couple mini-bosses I needed to complete:

And of course I made time to paint up the Boss and his shapeshift form as well.

I might regret not saving them for last, but I doubt it overall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to power through the minions and creeps with time to paint up the full Stilt Town Zombies box as well.
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