Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Canada

So its been a bit since I posted due to work and a recent trip. Last weekend I packed up and headed to Canada for the weekend to support a friend of mine playing in the Walter Gretzky Ball Hockey Tournament. He was playing on one of the Kevin Smith sponsored teams and I was there as his "posse".

While the trip was cool, you would think it had very little to do with hobby-ing. You would be mistaken! We carved out some time to head up to one of the GW Canada stores, and here I am in front of the store.

I have traveled a fair amount over the past year and every city I have gone to I stop in the local GW or local hobby store with gaming tables. I thought I should start taking pictures of the various stores and posting them here.

Then, last night I sat down to start crafting. I dropped the IPOD into its stand, starting up the latest 40K Radio. I pulled out my paint case and modeling gear. I arranged my new Tau/Eldar Farseer model on the table.

And the power went out.

So, nothing new. I am aiming on carving out a fair amount of hobby time this weekend to get the new Farseer green stuffed and ready for primer. I also have some fire dragons that need their bases complete and some repair work on one of my DA Exarchs.
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