Sunday, June 28, 2009

Progress has been made... and photographed!

Thats right, we are going to let Yriel overlook the progress on the Dead Tau Project! So after too much time I have some new pictures and a fair amount of progress has been made. The one model that has moved forward with no picture is the Farseer base. I am liking this model and have the base + Tau completed. I thought of taking pictures, but feel it will be better posted as a completed model than in stages.

So, here we go with the actual completed models. First we have 2 Guardian Jet Bikes with Shuriken Cannon's. First is chasing down a Kroot:

And second is chasing a Tau Marker Drone:

I also have the full Wraithguard squad with Spirit Seer based.

That's all for now. I have updated my Queue over there <-----------. Added another Wave Serpent to the construction queue, just not sure if I am going to wait for the second one or not.


  1. I really dig the "chase" minis. Very inventive and cool

  2. That's a sharp-looking Yriel. Looks good, AND fully capable of nuking large power-armored squads with Doom backup. (, nothing like dooming a guy's 15-strong CSM squad, assaulting it, letting them pile in, then KILLING THEM ALL)

    I like the lightning on the bikes. Is that just white paint with a black line down the middle?

  3. @25mm Warrior - thanks for the feedback! I actually ordered some bases for my Grav Tanks, so when they come in I will put together a photo spread of the entire army. I am feeling really good about the overall theme coming together.

    @Raptor1313 - I wish I could take credit, but Yriel was an Ebay find. Very good painting, but not mine. I love the model and have one in the blister that I will end up painting up and trying to make look as good as this one.