Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying to maintain momentum

Trying to keep the momentum up on crafting, buts its been a tough weekend. My son had an "episode" this past week which pulled me away from crafting time in a fairly severe manner. Then this weekend I rallied the kids and family to do some deck cleaning (grill/deck/yard/etc). Basically, I was ambushed by the greater good and that caused my hobby-ing to suffer.

So, I have very little done, but as I say, I am trying to maintain momentum. I updated my crafting/painting list over there <--------, adding bases for 5 new Wraith guard and a spiritseer/warlock, adding bases for the fire dragons, moving the dragons up to the paint queue and increasing their number to 7. I also did the green stuff work on the Farseer base and added the Farseer plus base to the queue. I am really looking forward to completing this model and getting pictures up, but currently its just primed black and in 2 pieces. As I did previuosly, I cheated on the Wraithguard squad. I contacted the painter (on ebay) who painted the first 5, and bought another 5 plus matching spiritseer from him. For pre-painted stuff, I do recommend him.

I think I have hammered out my list for the World Wide war, so I am planning to start practicing this week. The items in that list are moving the my top priority for painting over the summer. I feel a little wrong, but I am actually planning to play some practice game with unpainted models while I am working on getting them completed. Hopefully this will not be a long term thing and will push me to complete the project! I acknowledge the compromise and hypocritical nature this plan put my previous post in. I still stand by my previous post and feel really uncomfortable playing with the unpainted models, but I want to weigh that against getting in tourney practice over the summer. I am going to need a fair amount of practice to be fully familiar with the 5th edition rules for the tourney.

That's all for now!
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