Thursday, December 3, 2009

December blows in with Guardians!!!

*image thanks to Ratgash on Deviant Art

As a self-proclaimed hater of Guardians, why would I put a Guardian as the lead picture of the post? Well, I have gotten some more painting done and also finally have the pictures to put up. Pictures today will show my new Fire Prism's, some objective markers all painted up, and my Wave Serpents on their tank bases! Thats right, for the Beil Tan this is where we find the Guardians in the army.

First we have the Prism's. I have two painted up and added to the army and have played a couple games now with 1 of them. Unfortunately, in both games I used the Prism it was shaken all game until it was blown out of the sky. I will keep putting it in my list to see how it does when its not drawing all the fire on the board.

Overall I think they look pretty good. I need to put magnets on the bottom so they can get their own Tank Bases. This brings us to the Wave Serpents. These have been posted before, but I am now up to 4 Serpents and their bases are complete.I have some touch-up to complete on one, but overall I like their look.

The lighting on these is from my display case.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had picked up some objective counters from Bartertown. I finally got these painted up and they have made an appearance in several games so far. This is also the first time I have used transfers, and its clear I need to do some work on my skills using them.

And I thought this objective needed a separate picture of its own.

Lastly, I have some pictures of my Farseer with the Source Lighting paint job. This was painting I did during my Seattle trip, with a great deal of help from Evan at the bunker.

Thats it for this post. I am glad December is finally here and hope to get a fair amount of hobby done this month.


  1. Sorry for what is probably a dumb question, but as a new player who is just putting together my eldar and starting to paint, what exactly are "tank" bases, what are the advantages (asthetic, gaming, transporting, just convenience?), and where do you get them if they apparently don't come with the boxxed set?

    That objective marker with the Dire Avenger holding the banner and awaiting rescue is great!

  2. Nick,

    No worries, questions are always good and I am happy to answer them. The typical tanks (grav-tanks that is) come with flying bases, which are the clear bases I have on my bikes. (seen here with a Kroot running on it I had some alternate bases made for my Grav Tanks that fit the dimensions of the tanks themselves. These are the bases you see in the pictures above. These bases are helpful for a number of reasons, as they clearly show where the end of the hull is for things like assaults and fitting the tank onto the table between terrain. I also prefer the removable stand, as when my tanks explode the bases double to mark out the crater left behind.

  3. "And I thought this objective needed a separate picture of its own."

    Too right! Awesome Objective marker!!

  4. hello, I'm ratgash and I love eldar and dark eldar armies.
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