Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Veritable Host of Long Range Death

An excellent day of crafting has come to a close. I have to admit, I am enjoying my vacation so far. I went into this 2 week break with a couple primary objectives:
  1. Complete my first play through of Dragon Age: Origins
  2. Paint my Office
  3. Paint a big chunk of the Dead Tau Project
So, first off I have completed DA:O. The game is fantastic and the end was very very good. I played through as an Elven Mage, and played out the end scenes with Alistair, Leliana, and Wynn. I am actually looking forward to playing through this a second time with a different origin path.

So, onto the Dead Tau Project. Today was a very productive day for the DTP. As any followers can see from my list on the left, I have a whole load of models assembled and based. I came to a stopping point tonight as I wait for the green-stuff and glue to dry completely before I prime them. As a quick list:
  • 1 Wraith Lord with magnetized weapons and a sword (wielding the sword and can mount 2 weapons)
  • 7 new Rangers
  • 3 Dark Reaper Exarchs (1 Tempest Launcher, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Shurican Cannon)
  • 10 Dark Reapers
  • 1 Scorpion Exarch (Biting Blade)
  • 5 Scorpions
I still have Eldrad, my Winged Farseer, and a new Autarch on my tray for painting. The Autarch has the base coat down, and needs washes and highlighting. Eldrad and the Winged Farseer are primed and waiting on base coats.

I find myself becoming frustrated as I make the bases. Kroot are horrible for basing the DTP, although I have tried using them a bit for the Scorpions. With the Fire warriors, I have success with the shoulder pads and helmets, along with a couple weapons. Overall, I would like to find some new options for basing, that are simple yet create some variety for my army. I will say that for larger models (Walkers and Wraithlord), the Stealth suits are actually better than crisis suits for basing. The Crisis suit jet pack on the back is tough to carve apart to make the Crisis Suit lay down. This is not a problem in appearance when using the stealth suits, which split apart in a fairly simple way.

Thats all for tonight. I will get pictures up in (what I hope is) my next post, once I get some of these models painted up.
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