Friday, December 11, 2009

Warlocks, War Walkers, and Maugan Ra the Bad Ass - Oh My!

Its been a productive week so far, with my completing a set of models. In addition to the ones I have pictures of below, I also was inspired with an idea for my Fire Dragon Exarch with Dragon's Breath flamer. I did not grab a picture of him unfortunately.

What I did grab pictures of was my Seer Council Warlock, my new War Walkers (with 2 full sets of magnetized weapons), and I was able to paint up Maugan Ra. First we have a front and back picture of the Seer Council Warlock. This model represents a Warlock on Jetbike that I will be using for my Jetbike Seer Council. In the previous blog post I posted pictures of this warlock along with the Farseer with wings. I have received the 4 additional wings to build the models to bring the squad up to 5 Warlocks. Work will start on those soon, but in the interim here is pictures of the completed Warlock.

I also completed assembling and painting my War Walker squad. To be fair, this was more of an urge that resulted in me pulling out the three walkers and my Wraithlord. The Wraithlord still sits disassemble, but the walkers are complete. This kit took about 45 minutes to assemble the first model, then the second and third came down to ~20 minutes each. Painting took a little bit longer, but they paint up fairly quickly. I am very happy with the Crisis Suit legs/Smoosh and the Stealth Suit crush modeled onto 2 of the bases. In addition, I was able to assemble nearly 2 complete sets of magnetized weapons. The only weapon that I do not have a double pair of is the Shurican Cannon, which I do not expect I will field as much. My standard build (at least for now) seems to be Scatter Lasers, with Star Cannons as my second choice. Now I am all set for combat patrol missions (Rapid Fire in January and Adepticon in March)!

Joining Yriel in my display case is that Eldar Bad Ass who traveled into the Eye of Terror (using Abbadon's 13th black crusade as cover) and piloted a whole craft world back into normal space. I painted up my first Phoenix lord, Maugan Ra. Eventually I plan to have a full set of the Phoenix Lords along with Yriel and Eldrad in the case. They are not being modeled to represent the Dead Tau Project, but to stand on their own for when I feel like playing with them.

That's all for now!


  1. I gotta say I like the idea of a winged seer council. I've seen bikes and dinosaurs, but wings are a new one. PLus, the lightning on the wings is freakin' sweet.

    The War Walkers look neat, but I'm not such a fan of the thing on the tabletop. If you're going to try to make 'em work, I'd go with the double scatter lasers or the double shurikannons; Star Cannons are 'eh' against cover, and the missiles/lances make the things too much of a priority since you can suddenly potentially knock out several heavy weapons with a few autocannon-type weapon shots.

  2. Thanks for the compliments on the Warlock. I wanted a departure from Saim Hann and figured that combat-focused seers would have psychic wings.

    For the walkers, I am currently looking at Star Cannons because the local meta-game is heavily marine focused. In a recent game vs Nids, I did drop in with 2 WW with scatter lasers (16 shots) and it was fairly sick. On top of that the range gave me lots of room to pick off small groups of nids and the Nid player had to choose between the WW in the back-field or my army in front of him. Overall, they worked well but I need more games to really decide.