Monday, June 14, 2010

Karandras, Warlock, and THE KIDS GOT A KNIFE!!!

That's right, I painted my first Malifaux miniature and it ends up being one of my wife's models. The picture to the left is not my model, but the promo picture from Wyrd miniatures website. In addition to painting up "Baby Kade" from the Malifaux Neverborn faction, I also completed an Eldar warlock on foot and Phoenix Lord Karandras, the Shadow Hunter.

I received confirmation today that the bases I ordered for the Malifaux mini's are on their way. I ordered bases from Micro-Art Studio and will mount the models once they arrive. In the interim I am starting to paint them, using plain bases to hold the models for painting. We will see how many I get knocked out before the bases arrive.

So lets get on to the pictures! I will start out with a couple pictures of Baby Kade, as that's the lead-in to this post. He was a tough little bugger to take pictures of, and his size makes the camera lens much harsher than how he actually looks on the table. For that matter, I think in this case the lens is harsher than how he looks holding him close up.

Phoenix Lord Karandras, the Shadow Hunter

Karandras is the most mysterious of the Phonix Lords. No one knows where his shrine originally lay, but perhaps it was on one of the many small craftworlds that survived the Fall but were destroyed soon after. He is not the oldest of the Exarchs of the Striking Scorpions, for that honour belongs to Arhra the Father of Scorpions, the most sinister of all the Phoenix Lords, the Fallen Phoenix who burns with the dark light of Chaos. Karandras took his place, tempering the murderous nature of his predecessor with the patience of the hunter.

Karandras has joined my growing group of Phoenix Lords, which will eventually be able to field as part of the Phoenix Court of Khaine.

Lastly I completed the last of the warlocks on foot that were on my tray. Just a bit more to knock out and I will need to pick the next squad to paint.


  1. Did you order directly from Micro Arts? I've been looking at them, they're very nice bases.
    Do you normally thin your GW paints? I've seen people recommending that you always thin them a little and I just can't wrap my mind around that....

  2. For the bases, I ended up having to order directly from MAS. It appears many of the other online retailers have stopped carrying their bases for some reason. I will have some pictures up once I get the bases in and painted.

    Thinning paints is the bane of my existence. I started in the same state you are, not able to understand what people intended by "thinning my paints". I have evolved a bit in my painting, although I am sure I still have a long way to go. What I have come to is basically this:
    1. Dip paintbrush into paint pot (I use Citidel paints) and then dab brush onto my pallet (I use a piece of ceramic)
    2. Repeat 1 2 or 3 times.
    3. Rinse brush, then dip brush into clean water and use wet brush to "mix" the paint, thinning it down some.
    4. Do this 1 or 2 times per 3 drops of paint.

    There are other rumors of different liquids, but I have not evolved to that advanced stage yet.

  3. That sounds great, thanks. I'll give it a try!