Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little Candy?

When I first typed the title of this post, I did not realize how ironic the title was. Candy is a very little model, although she is larger than Kade. I am finding that the Malifaux models are inspiring me to sit down and paint, although to date it has been my wife's models that inspire. I have also noticed that the picture of the models on the back of the crew boxes are painted differently to the pictures from the Wyrd miniatures web-site.

Additionally, I tried something new this time on the hair. I normally would have used some type of yellow color for painting blond hair, then washed with a brown wash. After listening to the recent episode of Podhammer, I decided to try a different scheme. The change to this method is that there are no actual yellow's used to paint her hair. I know some of you will point to the fact I use "Desert Yellow", but if you take a look you will see that is actually in the brown family of colors from Citidel. Candy's hair is painted to the following formula:
  1. Snakebite Leather (Base Coat)
  2. Desert Yellow (Mid-Dry-Brush)
  3. Gryphonne Sepia (Wash)
  4. Vomit Brown (Light-Dry-Brush)
I am very happy with the result, and will likely use this method in the future. Lets get on to looking at the model.


  1. Nice job Bill, much cleaner then Kade.

  2. Thanks. I was afraid of how it would look under the camera, but she came out looking very clean. I am probably going to pick up another Kade to repaint... eventually.

  3. Very nice! The dress looks great.

  4. Nice. Its very true, Malifaux models just make you WANT to paint them!

  5. Whats been so strange is this.... I actually sat down to paint up another Phoenix Lord. I laid down the base coat on the phoenix lord and Candy called to me. I glanced at the model and was struck with inspiration on painting techniques. I felt compelled to grab the model and try out the techniques..... next thing I know poor Baharoth is sitting with only a base coat while Candy is complete.

    I will fully admit and embrace that it is exciting to feel the thrill of inspired painting.

  6. Well just to let you know... this blog post of your pushed me over the edge. I have now broken down and bought the rule book and my first (of many, no doubt) box sets. I can't wait to start painting them.
    Very much enjoying your blog and podcast btw!