Thursday, January 20, 2011

Statistics, Hobby Tracking, Blog Updates

Things are a changing with the Dead Tau Project. For those who have been following the blog for a while, this is not a surprise. You saw last year that I developed a fair addiction to Malifaux and started talking about that on the blog. I have also, in the past, talked sparingly about my forays into WHFB.

Well, those will continue to happen on the blog, along with some discussion about Privateer Press Hoards as I begin to learn that game as well. Basically, I am broadening my mini-wargaming horizons and that is reflected in the changing topics on the DTP. To that end, I made a couple changes to the blog that many of you probably missed, since they are so minor. Primarily, I adjusted the description at the top of the blog to better reflect the blog topics. I am also going to be shifting the Army list in the column to the left, probably adding in multiple sections for multiple armies and game systems. I have some thoughts on this, and if they work out it will be pretty cool.

So, not too scary so far, right? What else?

Lets add some actual tracking of my overall hobby? My friend Rich over at the Warpstone Pile has done some incredible work on his hobby tracker using Google Doc's to create a wonderfully complex spreadsheet. He has a great post explaining his project and how to get your own copy of the spreadsheet here.

What does this mean to the DTP? Well, I have grabbed a copy of his spreadsheet and loaded it into my own Google Docs account to perform some of my own tracking. The nice thing about this is the spreadsheet creates some graphics that I can use to depict my hobby activity. These work out well, and will let me do some more granular tracking, especially when it comes to my playing.

So, one of the initial changes is the new tracking I am using for my paint progress. I am still based on the Lone Pilgrim paint points, but with some slight shifts to the points. Here is the rubric I am using for points:

I also have some tracking on there for assembling models that I may not have gotten to paint yet. I thought that would be something interesting to track, although I usually assemble just prior to painting as I try not to play with unpainted models.

The second piece, and the one I am really interested in, is the play tracking. Using the spreadsheet I will be able to publish charts like the following:

These will become very interesting, along with the raw data that will let me see how I do vs certain opponents and also against specific armies. These are linked on the side of the blog, tracking my overall progress.

So, there we go! The big changes here and coming shortly to the DTP for 2011.
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