Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogroll Update

I realized today that I had not parsed through my blogroll in a fair long time. With that said, I went ahead and opened up the widget to see what was there.

It is not a huge deal, there is no way I would keep all the blogs I subscribe to on my blog widget. I keep those tracked in a couple different places, including my email client (Thunderbird) and my Google Reader account. However, there are some new blogs that I want to give some attention to, along with some old blogs that I still run to when an update pops up. There are also a growing number of Malifaux blogs that are good to follow.

So, the Blogroll has been updated. If this drives traffic in a significant way to anyones site, fantastic. If not, I tried.


  1.  Good Stuff. I always make a stop here to see what's new in the world of Malifaux Blogs (and I'm only slightly hoping to one day see my own on the list :-) ).

  2. Cool... I'm always looking for more but I'm already following the ones in there heh...

  3. If I may be so bold as to recommend http://powerofsuggestion.wordpress.com/, http://aramoro.wordpress.com/ and http://sho3box.wordpress.com/ none of which are mine. I also humbly submit my own blog (http://thebovineoverlord.wordpress.com/) for your consideration as it increasingly concerns itself with Malifaux.

    I really like this blog, and I can certainly appreciate the amount of effort it must take to run it.