Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Malifaux World Wide Campaign?

Wait..... whats that you say? Wyrd is too small of a company to do something like a world wide campaign? Only companies like GW can do that type of thing? What.... only companies like Privateer Press can run leagues that shift the fluff of thier game?

Well, you are certainly incorrect there. Thats right, Wyrd is off and running with the announcement of the upcoming Dead Heat worldwide Malifaux Campaign. This is an official campaign Wyrd is running, launching on June 15. Thats this Friday!

So, whats the deal here? We do not know much but new Henchman Wrangler Lalochezia leaked a teaser of the campaign and a picture of the city in a thread on the Wyrd Forums earlier this week. I have it on good authority that this campaign will directly impact both the fluff of the game along with possibly the model line. Rumors are what they are, but we will all find out together on Friday when the Campaign launches.

These are certainly exciting times! I also got this exciting little flier to spread around.

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