Monday, June 4, 2012

New Models, Alternate Models, Painting

So I have been in a bit of a slump lately, with very little motivation to paint. This is strange, as at one point in my hobbying I was as excited to paint models as I was to get games in. Lately, I have been more motivated to play games than for the hobby side. This is not a good thing when your like me and stick pretty firmly to only playing with painted models. I have a load of new Malifaux models sitting around waiting to get on the table, but they are without that precious coat of paint that lets me feel ok playing with them.

So, I try and find time to carve out and push myself into the painting. Once I am sitting down with a podcast or audiobook playing, I can typically get into the groove and knock out a model or two. Its been rare enough lately, that I do not have my light tent set-up to take good pictures of the models. As frustrating as that is, I decided to grab some black background quick pictures of the latest 4 models in my collection.

I have started on the Effigies (I have all 5), really looking forward to playing them. The Arcane Effigy was the first off my paint tray. I have to say, I was only so-so when I was looking at the primed model, but after getting some base coats and minor highlights on him I really like the model. I think a top end painter could make this guy look fantastic! I think he is going to play very well with Collodi, adding in a decent ranged weapon (Aetheric Bolt) and also a (0) ranged damage spell as well with Siphon Aether. Bringing along Arcane Reservoir to Collodi, expanding his hand to 7 card, will also be a really nice add to the crew. I will not likely see use for this guy in his "native" faction of Arcanists. My Arcanist crew consist of Colette, Kaeris, and Rasputina, who either want their totems or in Kaeris's case cannot take a totem. While the extra cast is nice, its not better than the totems that the masters can take. With that said, I am considering taking the guy with Pandora, as she can pick up a totem and the extra cast can really help her out.

Next in the Effigy line is the Brutal Effigy. I like the look of this guy, but he is probably 3rd down the list if I was to rank them. From a playing standpoint, this is the Effigy I believe will see the most play overall. As a guild model, he slots nicely into that 4 point slot along with Guild Guards, Witchling Stalkers, and Death Marshals. He has decent weapons, Critical Strike in melee, and a triggered slow on his ranged attack. He also brings along a ability that is typically missing in Guild, a heal. When looking at the Brutal from a Neverborn standpoint, he is also a great fit for a Collodi crew. He brings along some decently hard hitting melee ability, plus has Melee Expert built in. Grabbing Fast from Collodi will be a benefit overall. In addition, being able to combine the Effigies object with Collodi's ability to hand out armor could make this guy very resilient.

That brings us to the Alternate models I painted up. We start with Alternate Pandora and her box of Woes. One thing I have noticed with the Alternate models is the increased amount of skin showing on the models. Its not a bad thing, but it certainly makes you focus on how to paint skin tones. I like this model, although I am torn on if I prefer it over the original model. For the time being, Alt Pandora will be making her way into my case, replacing original Pandora.

The other Alternate model I got painted up was Alternate Lilith. I loved the art for Lilith, and the model certainly lived up to the book art.After painting her up I find that I actually prefer this model to her original model. This is really saying something, since I liked the original model quite a bit. With that said, this still lives up to the "Show more flesh" that the sculptors seem to prefer on the new Neverborn models. I did not set a green undertone this time, as I do not feel it came out well on the original model.

So thats it for this post. I have Johan on my tray with hopes to get him done in time to use him in a couple games tomorrow (Tuesday). I want to get him into a Kaeris crew with the Union Miners I painted up recently. I also have more Effigies to paint up, with the Mysterious and Hodgepodge already primed and sitting on the tray. Then its time to dig out the light tent and get updates to the missing models on my Malifaux Crew list (link at the top of the blog).

And for those who have followed the blog for a while and do not believe I still have an interest in Eldar, here is my painting table. I do have Eldar still on the tray, I just do not get to them much. And for those with a sharp eye, I did not paint it but have had it for a while now.


  1. Looks like somebody is trying to show off his Weaver Widow. Job done. Very nice!

  2. I was wondering when I'd get to see a Weaver Widow!

    Speaking of painting did you get my last email?

    1. I did, just have not gotten through all the email responses yet!