Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spirits and Psykers... Oh My!!!

DTP is back with some new models painted up and posted. The Snow-Pocalypse this weekend in Northern Virgina convinced me to get myself back in gear from a painting perspective and I have knocked out two more models. I now have my Wraithlord along with the special character Eldrad moved into the completed case.I have to admit I was very happy with my Wraithlord until I did Eldrad. I think Eldrad may be one of the better models I have painted. I used a print-out from the GW website as a reference and did my best to paint to that color scheme.

Here we go, lets take a look at what we have.... First up is the Wraithlord. We have our Monsterous Spirit Warrior stomping on a Tau Stealth Suit.

And a quick look at both sides:

I modeled him with the wraith sword and flamers built on. The Wraith Sword looks cool for any build and fits the "I stomp you" theme I have on the model. I did add magnetised mounts to each shoulder for adding up to 2 heavy weapons should I choose to field him as such. I like the fact the weapons are interchangeable with my War Walkers.

First we have a Bright Lance.

And second a Lance and a Star Cannon.

Second up we have Eldrad. Here is the bad-ass psyker from Ulthwe craft world. I did find an interesting piece of trivia regarding the current Eldrad model. The model we all use today was originally the "Farseer" model for the Eldar. As I have been digging around in the mists or yesteryear, I was surprised to see this.

So, here is my attempt at Mr. "I kill you with my mind!"

New Project

Lastly for this post, I will mention the new project I have started. I finally have my Avatar scrubbed and began assembling the model tonight. I will be photographing the entire process and plan to post a tutorial in the future. I have the first set of pictures picked out, but am going to wait a bit to post them. The Avatar will be my primary project moving forward, but not the sole project. I still have the Dark Reaper Exarchs and the Seer Council Farseer in process.

That's all for now.

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  1. Wow, I did not think it was one of the worst. I am going to have to go back and see what I can do to touch it up and bring the whole model up a level.

    Now, I was not happy with the gems, and I was lazy there. They can use some touch-up and I found myself a bit overwhelmed when I started putting the base red down on them.

    I am not sure where the Green is coming out light. I saw a couple spots around the white panels where I missed a touch-up, but perhaps I am missing the shade on other parts of the green. I will have to have another set of eyes take a look to help out my "shade-blind" state.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.