Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Memory of Light - Wheel of Time

If you do not follow his blog, you should. Brandon Sanderson posted an article this morning that many Wheel of Time fans will be happy about:

"Today I got up, and I did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on."

As a rabid fan of the series, and a new fan of Sanderson, this is exciting. I know lots of WOT readers that were not thrilled when Sanderson took over the writing. I was not one of those. I think he has done an admirable job picking up for Jordan. I actually picked up and really enjoyed the Mistborn series because I enjoyed his writing on the WOT series.

Regardless, A Memory of Light is one step closer to publication.

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  1. I totally agree.  I loved how he has tied up a lot of loose ends and has an end in sight.  I also absolutely loved the mist born series.