Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picture Week continued - Effigies!

Lets be honest, Effigies are really Neverborn models who work best with Collodi. Well, all but the Brutal Effigy who is amazing overall, and works with both Guild and Neverborn equally well.

I have 4 of the 5 effigies painted up and figured I would show them off second this week.

First we start out with the Mysterious Effigy. As a Neverborn model who is a true Neverborn model, I got to use all my purples and whites to make him work out. His paint job fits the color scheme on the card as well. I really enjoyed painting up the eyeballs on his hat, along with trying to get a good rope color onto his "wings". The wooden pieces plus his brass finishing ran together a bit on the color, so I would almost recommend other people go either gold or silver for the clock pieces. While I like the Effigy models a lot, the Mysterious was the lowest on my favorite looking effigies.

Second, we get to the Brutal Effigy, who is a guild model and can work with the Neverborn like all the Effigies. This guy is fantastic and I enjoyed painting him up. He is probably my favorite overall, although he takes 3rd place as my favorite to look at. I was able to grab some of the color schemes from my Guild Guards and Death Marshals, while still using his bandana to give him some Red for Guild. I did not wan to make him steel colored even though he is a mechanical puppet, so I went with a little bit of a wooden color, a bit glossy and brassed over.

Third we work out way to the Arcane Effigy, who is second place in fun to play for me, along with second place on how he looks. The Arcane Effigy was a lot of fun to paint as his themes go together really well. I especially enjoyed picking out the blue-white ice pieces and separating them from the blue-steal look of the metal. While I would love to say I had the patience to do writing inside the book, its just not the case. I have seen some fantastic Effigies with writing on the book but my hands shake too much to make that look good.

That brings us to the Fourth Effigy I have painted, and my favorite from a looks standpoint. Its a real shame that I do not find a lot of reasons to put him on the table to play, but he does come out occasionally with Collodi. On the looks standpoint, I am just a huge fan of how he ends up looking with the giant roses growing around his body and blooming above his head. It was tough to pick out all the correct pieces on the Hodgepodge, and was especially tough to choose a good color for his robe. After pulling out the reds and greens of the roses, plus the metal of the knife, I just decided to go with Grey for his robe. Then I put some skin on his face and hands, figuring he would look good as a simulacrum type of creature.

So, thats Day 2 of the picture week. Hope you enjoyed the Effigies, I still have the Carrion Effigy to paint up but I think he will work out well with Burgandys and Greens to match the Resurrecitonists. Stay tuned this week for more pictures!
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