Monday, August 13, 2012

Picture Week

I am off to Gencon 2012 this week but thought that in absence of updates from Gencon, I would feature a photo-week of miniatures. Well, to be honest, I am also featuring these photo's this week because I took a bunch of new pictures and wanted to share.

So, there are a load of new things coming for Malifaux this week and I am looking forward to picking them up! The new 10 Thunder's faction will be launched with the new book (Storm of Shadows) on Thursday morning and you can bet I will be in the front of the line to grab these.

Even with all that, those who have followed the blog for a while know that I am slacking on my pictures of existing crews. Well, if you scan across the top bar you will see a link to Malifaux Crews. That is a mostly complete list of the Malifaux models I own, along with a huge number of links. I just went through, prior to writing this post, and updated the pictures to add links to the new stuff I will be posting this week.

With no further ado, lets get started. I figured why not start with new pictures of the Masters:

Alternate Justice - new picture
Avatar Justice
Alternate Lilith
Alternate Pandora
Alternate Sonnia - new picture

Hoffman - new picture
Alternate Zoraida
Avatar Zoraida
 Of course Lucius was at the start of the post. As you can see, I have moved pretty heavily to the Alternate sculpts. I also have a couple Avatars out there now (aZoraida, aJustice, and aSonnia (not pictured here)). I have aDreamer sitting and waiting to be assembled but that has not yet happened.

More pictures through the week will be appearing, so check back.

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