Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paint Week Post 3 - Its a kind of Magic!

Well, its Wednesday and I am in Indianapolis for Gencon! Chances are I am still sleeping in a bit when this hits the net, but those are the joys of pre-scheduling the blog to release posts.

That aside, lets jump into the new pictures. I figured this would be a good post to get some of the Arcanist pictures posted. Now, this is a limited set of my Arcanists for a couple reasons. The first is that for this post I am only putting up pictures of the models I have painted. This means that the whole of my Colette crew is not featured here. James Convy did a fantastic job of painting the Colette crew and they really deserve their own blog-post (which they have gotten in the past). With that said, and removing the Effigy from yesterday, that leaves me with a lot of Kaeris' crew to post up. Here we go!

We get started with good old Johan, who is really an Outcast but we count him as an Arcanist. Due to his Union Membership he can be picked up by Kaeris for her crew, which is nice. I do not have the best luck with him, but I enjoy tossing him into support Kaeris. I especially find he works well with the Union Miners, as he becomes an anchor for them. It was also interesting to me that his base insert actually comes with his model.

That brings us to the Union Miners. I am not exactly sure what to say about these guys, as they are kind of comical. I regularly refer to them as the Village People, simply because its a bunch of guys with over-developed muscles and one of them wears a hard hat. Its horribly inaccurate compared to the actual Village People act, but regularly brings some chuckles. I have to admit that its pretty simple to paint these boys to a table top standard pretty quickly. It took some base coat, minor highlights, and a good wash. Overall, not a bad set of models.

So, moving on into other models that work with Kaeris we come to Joss. Funny enough, I have not yet tossed Joss into a crew with Kaeris mostly due to his cost. I painted him up for use with Hoffman, but found that once again due to his cost, he did not hit the table much. I am sure Joss works well somewhere, but I just cannot find a place for him. Regardless, he sits in my bag waiting to jump onto the table.

Now we jump over to the Large Steampunk Arachnid, which is one of the melee beasts who works well with Kaeris. I am sure he works well with other Arcanists as well, but for me he fills a spot for Kaeris. He will definitely be jumping into my Mei Feng lists after tomorrow as well. I heard horror stories about how tough he was to put together, and I can confirm most of them. I was lucky to have a base that looked pretty good once he was added to it, crawling up on the stage. The legs on this boy are a true pain to get to sit correctly, and then glue in place. I ended up using more glue than was good, then "adjusting" it with some paint to make the glue globs look part of the overall model.

So, that brings us winding down, but I would be remiss to not add in the Token Neverborn model to the list. I have fielded Iggy equally in an Arcanist crew (Specifically Kaeris) as I have in Neverborn crews. He works really well with big sister Kaeris and is a ton of fun to play.

So, that wraps up Wednesday. Tomorrow morning I will be in the Vendor hall as the doors open and the hordes come rushing in. Its my second year at Gencon and I remember the rush from the horde side last year. I am really looking forward to seeing the other side of things!
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