Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture Week Friday - Guild post

I figured I would use the Student for this Friday post on Picture week. I am not likely to post up a ton of outcast pictures, if any at all, so this is a good way to get the non-elephant hands Student out there. Also, I picked him up originally (2 years ago?) for use with Lady Justice, so he can lead us into the guild post.

I hope people have enjoyed the pictures this week. I know that with Gencon here everyone really wants to see the pictures of new models. I will be snapping pictures all day and aim to get them on the blog next week when I get back from the con. I am also looking forward to getting a look at the painted up new models. By the same token, I had all these pictures and wanted to share.

So, lets dive into the guild!! First up is the old lady herself, Abeula. This Ortega made it into a couple games of mine and pretty much camps out in my case now. She was fun to paint, but I had trouble coming up with good "Mexican Grandmother" colors to paint for her dress. I have seen some amazing Abuela models, and overall she is a great model to paint.

Next up we grab the Drill Sergeant who works so well with Lucius. I am really considering him a must-take in future crews that use the Guild Riflemen, as he will make them really good. He was a fun model to paint, but some of that comes from my time in the military.

This brings us to the Spirit slaying, Undead Hating, Nightmare Loathing Exorcist. This guy is great when facing very specific factions, and the rest of the time he is meh. He also needs a nice guardian alongside him to soak up the wounds he inflicts to himself to hobble along. He was a fun model to paint as I was able to pull together some brighter blue for his coat to set him apart, while still letting him blend into the overall Death Marshal and Guild crews.

Now the Executioner model is not one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I do not like him at all. I am not sure what it is overall, as there is a fair amount of humor in him. His hands are hanging from his belt and he looks great painted up with striped carnival pants. He has big mechanical claws and he is a bare chested fat boy wearing a hood. Unfortunately, even with all the character built in I am not a fan. I painted him up for use in official tournaments and because I was getting a lot of questions regarding my alternate. I did pick up the alternate Executioner, but he looks very similar to this one so he might end up in my prize box opposed to on the table.

That follows us up with a pair of Guardians. These guys should be made of gold! They make it into a lot of my crew lists and really work well with what they are supposed to do. From a model aesthetic and painting standpoint, I went fairly simple. My Hoffman/Guild Construct crew is mostly metallic brass with some other colors thrown in. To that end I wanted to maintain that color scheme while adding some character. On the first I added a trash can from the Streets of Malifaux accessories. On the second, well... I did not add anything. Neither really does better than the other, but I find myself reaching for the trash-can guy more often when pulling models out.

Driving on into the guild models, I realize I have a lot of pictures of my guild here. Our next model is  the hunter, another Hoffman construct. The Hunter works pretty well when combined with Coppelius in a Hoffman crew. It takes a bit of finess to get the best use out of, but its still fun. I think in the future I would go with a different color scheme for this guy, as the brass becomes a bit boring to look at with the whole crew. Not bad overall, as I like this cat-looking critter, but just something to consider in the future.
Anyone else getting tired of Constructs? No worries, this is the last robot looking model set I have to post in this thread. Here we have the new and very much awaited Wardens. I picked up two of them and do not expect to add any more. Even though they are cheap and are excellent models, I like variety in my crews. I think 2 works out well, and more would become gratuitous. I put these guys together shortly after grabbing them and used them in a Achievement Day event the next day. They paint up very easily and are fairly simple to assemble.

So, enough with the Robots! Lets look at another awaited model that I really like. Here is the Witchling Handler which, even with her fairly static pose, just screams personality to me. I love this model and am sad my paint job does not really do her justice. She is one of the models I have painted that I would strongly consider grabbing a second at some point to get commission painted. I can see her in a diorama as well. Maybe sometime in the future.

And that brings us to the last model I am going to toss up this week. Here we have the second rider I painted up, the Pale Rider. He was tougher to paint than I expected, but still worked out well. I really did not like the original art for him, but can confirm that he looks far far better in person than the art that was presented by Wyrd. I do not feel he looks as chunky in person as he does in the Wyrd art. That said, my painting is certainly not up to Studio quality. I am happy with how he came out and have had a chance to put him on the table. The street bases I use for my Guild tie him into the guild crew nicely when combined with his dark grey Guardsman coat. After that, he is as prominent as intended with his size and the lighter colors on the horse.

So, that's picture week. I hope everyone enjoyed!

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  1. Nice to see more of your crew coming along Bill. I need to pull my fingerout and do the same. the Iron mand inspired warden is a nice touch.