Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picture Week post 4 - Neverborn!

So have you seen the new Malifaux plastics? Have you seen the new Neverborn models that are available as a pre-release TODAY at Gencon? Look, look close. This crew is going to be so much fun to play. I will be grabbing them a couple hours after this posts when the Gencon exhibitor hall opens and the rush comes pouring in. I am really looking forward to getting Jakob on the table and playing around with his crew. He is one of the first 10 Thunders crews to be relased and I plan to play him as both 10 Thunders and as a regular Neverborn crew, as I believe he works well as both! But, this is picture week. Enough of my gloating about being at Gencon, lets look at some of the Neverborn I already have painted and in hand.

I really need to start with this absolutely bueatiful model, Studio painted by Wyrd. The picture does not do this model justice on how nice it looks. This was a Widow Weaver that was painted by one of the Wyrd Studio artists, which Nathan was kind enough to give me to use in games earlier this year. Its a fantastic piece and I find I do not use her enough and keep looking for ways to get her on the table in my games.

So, with that lets get moving onto the models I painted up myself. These do not look as good, but they are my own work! I realize there is a little voice out there saying that Night Terrors are not Neverborn models. My response is that until I get Kirai painted up, they sure as hell are. These boys sit in my dreamer crew and rectify the horrible errata that made it worthless to take Alp's. These are 3 point Significant models that can grab objectives and fill out a Dreamer crew. Unfortunately for them, in the first game out they stayed buried all game, but thats not the point. They are painted up and ready to jump into a crew. I have 2 more coming at some point, but for now the pair is where its at!

Now this model was a bear to assemble, with the cape on the back being 2 pieces and the snakes on the head being a nightmare. That said, I put on about half the head-snakes then set to town priming and painting this bad boy up. I really enjoyed painting him and I think I got some good color on the flayed muscles and body. I have not played with him on the table yet, but I am looking forward to it. I hear he is not one of the best riders, but he is the NB rider, and I need to think up a good crew to use with him. Overall a really fun model.

Then we come to Tuco, the best Ortega in the game. I have to admit, they could have gone with a rule or two less on this guy and he still would have been in good shape. I really like the way he looks and enjoyed painting him. The trench coat came out looking good and the wash settled into the crevasses just as it should.

I guess I will end the post with the Black Blood Shaman. I have tried to use him in games a bit, but he does not work for what I want him to do. In a grow list, I feel the points are better spent to pick up Nekima than the BBS. With that said, he was an interesting model to paint. I am not in love with him, but am not overaly hating him either. Its tough to get inside the wings to his flesh on his body. I also found he was unbalanced on the base, so had to remount him after my first attempt. Now he is just a tall model who takes up space in my malifaux bag.

So, with that said, that's the end of today's post. Tomorrow we jump into guild and I try to figure out if I can cram it all together into one long post!

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  1. I am so going to paint something that blows that little spider wench's paint job out of the water!